Regular Weekly Classes

MyAerialHome runs regular weekly classes in many aerial and ground based disciplines suitable for beginners and improvers for fitness and fun.
We also run classes for professional performers. So whether you are a professional or an amateur we have a class for you.

Regular circus skills children’s classes 9th May for Minis (4 - 6 years) and 11th May for Juniors (7 – 12 years).

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Learn how to back flip, walk over, cartwheel and round off in a supportive and safe environment.

Learn the skill and control necessary to present beautiful poses, drops, rolls and holds whilst wrapped in the vertically, suspended fabric. Requires upper body strength.

Learn aerial acrobatics, drops, locks, poses and rolls on and around a vertically suspended rope. Requires upper body strength.

Learn moves around a single trapeze bar and develop strength, balance and artistic creativity.  We often recommend Static Trapeze as a good starter aerial skills as it allows a steady and secure physical progression.

Aerial Hoop (Circeau or Lyra)
Create striking shapes, poses, balances, rolls and drops on a suspended hoop, building strength and stamina. A good starter aerial skill.

And also ...

Tryout Sessions

Interested, but not sure whether aerial is for you? Come along to a tryout session and “try before you buy.”

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Practice Time

Regular weekly practise time sessions enable MAH students and approved practitiioners to hone their skills.

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Private Sessions

One-to-one and small group sessions, available in 30-minute increments and by prior arrangement.

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